Public Works Day, Thursday,June 22

The Keizer Public Works Department will host a Public Works Day celebration on Thursday, June 22, at Keizer Rapids Park, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The department wants to raise awareness and educate Keizer residents about what Public Works and local businesses do to serve the community. 

The public is invited to join the day of outdoor activities, snacks, information and games for all. 

The public can learn how Keizer uses GIS (geographic information system  and 811 through a Scavenger Hunt and win some 811 Swag.

Keizer Parks will sponsor a race to see who is fastest in a garbage pick-up relay race.

Mid-Valley Garbage and Recycling will demonstrate how to recycle with their sorting game and making trash to treasure with upcycling kids’ art and craft activities.

Keizer Environmental will share a way to protect stormwater with the Stormwater Game.

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