How Your City Works

HOW YOUR CITY WORKS: The boards, committees and commissions that help shape Keizer

Planning Commision

Assists the City Council and staff in land use decisions and recommendations regarding Keizer’s future growth and development. The Commission meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. 

Members of the Commission serve three-year terms.

Chair: Matt Lawyer (term ends Sept. 2025)


Sarah Hutches (term ends Sept. 2025)

Jeremy Grenz (term ends Sept. 2025)

Francisco Saldivar (term ends Sept. 2023)

Jane Herb (term ends Sept. 2023)

Mo Avishan (term ends Sept. 2024)

Ron Bersin (term ends Sept. 2024)

Youth member: Amanpreet Sandhu (term ends June 2023)

Council liaison: Kyle Juran

Staff liaison: Shane Witham

Parks Advisory Board

The board provides input to the City Council on Keizer’s public parks, playgrounds and related programs. The board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

Members each serve a three-year term.

Chair: Tanya Hamilton (terms ends Dec. 30, 2025)


Mike Pantalone (terms ends Dec. 30, 2025)

Gwen Carr (terms ends Dec. 30, 2025)

Clay Rushton terms ends Dec. 30, 2023)

David Louden terms ends Dec. 30, 2023)

Matthew Poteet terms ends Dec. 30, 2023)

Katie Brady terms ends Dec. 30, 2024)

Matt Lawyer terms ends Dec. 30, 2024)

Lisa Cejka terms ends Dec. 30, 2024)

Council liaison: Daniel R. Kohler

Staff liaison: Robert Johnson

Traffic Safety-Bikeways-Pedestrian Committee

Advises the Keizer City Council and City Manager in the creation, development and implementation of official traffic safety activities, including bikeways and pedestrian routes, and to make recommendations on projects and practices that improve safety, efficiencies and choices for transportation mode options.  

Members of the Board serve three-year terms.

Chair: Jamie Davis (term ends 12/31/23)


Brenda Lamb (term ends 12/31/25)

Hersch Sangster (term ends 12/31/25)

Tammy Saldivar (term ends 12/31/24)

Michael DeBlasi (term ends 12/31/23)

David Dempster (term ends 12/31/24)

Rick Kuehn (term ends 12/31/23)

Council liaison: Robert Husseman

Staff liaison: Mike Griffin

Police liaison: David LeDay

Budget Committee

The Committee is comprised of seven citizen members and all seven members of the City Council. The committee is responsible for reviewing and analyzing the proposed budgets for the city. The committee meets during budget season (April and May) when there may be up to two meetings per week. Members serve three-year terms.


All Councilors and mayor

Marlene Parsons (term ends Aug. 31, 2025)

Melissa Martin  (term ends Aug. 31, 2025)

Gerard Graveline (term ends Aug. 31, 2023)

Hersch Sangster (term ends Aug. 31, 2023)

Francisco Saldivar (term ends Aug. 31, 2023)

Susan London (term ends Aug. 31, 2024)

Jonathon Thompson (term ends Aug. 31, 2024)

Community Diversity Engagement Committee

community engagement. The  committee meets on the first Thursday of each month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The mayor and city councilors each appoint one member.

Members serve three year terms.

Chair: Laura Reid (terms ends Nov.. 30, 2023)


Benita Picazo (term ends Nov. 30, 2025)

Tammy Kunz (term ends Nov.. 30, 2025)

Mickey Toomes (term ends Dec. 30, 2023)

Carrie Brown (term ends Nov.. 30, 2023)

LaTonya Gibbs (term ends Nov.. 30, 2024)

Amy Bauer (term ends Nov. 30, 2024)

Nevaeh Music (youth) (term ends Nov. 30, 2025)

Councilor Shaney Starr (term ends Nov. 30, 2023)

Staff liaison: Tim Wood

Public Arts Commission

The Commission reviews, evaluates, selects, maintains, and documents all artwork, public art, and public murals within the city. The Commission advises the City Council and City Manager on the management, execution, installation, or placement of the artwork, public art and public murals

 The Commission meets every other month on the third Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Members serve three-year terms.

Chair: Kim Steen (terms ends June 2025)


Kat Thorson  (terms ends June 2023)

Cole Mallette  (terms ends June 2023)

Laura Reid  (terms ends June 2023)

Beth Melendy  (terms ends June 2023)

Lore Christopher  (terms ends June 2025)

Felicia Squires  (terms ends June 2024)

Youth liaison: Katherine Klein