Diversity Committee talks Keizer birthday

Discussion of Keizer’s 40th-birthday celebration took up much of the city’s Community Diversity Engagement Committee meeting Thursday, Jan. 5.

Parties are scheduled for June 16-18 at the Keizer Community Center and Keizer Rapids Park. The Keizer Rotary is planning for cow sculptures at the River Road roundabout, where there was a cow pasture before there was a town. 

Also discussed were booths, a display of the time capsule, tours to landmarks, a scavenger hunt, a picture contest with prizes, food carts, a video history of Keizer, a car show, ad a softball game between teams of city officials.

In other business, the committee re-elected Laura Reid as chair and Benita Picazo as vice chair and welcomed Tammy Kunz as a new member.

Committee members discussed hiring a diversity consultant and agreed that inviting people to volunteer for the position was a good idea.

Ramiro Navarro, a lifelong Keizer resident in the audience, expressed concern that southeast Keizer residents did not have enough of a voice in city matters and urged that the committee look at the current at-large City Council voting system and advocate district voting.