Mannix counters Gov. Brown’s clemency decision

Incoming state representative Kevin Mannix (R-21st District) is fighting Gov. Kate Brown’s recent clemency actions.

He contends that Brown has violated the law regarding notification of crime victims to give them an opportunity to be heard before the clemency decision is made, and that she has failed to propose a constitutional amendment to change the death penalty.

The new state representative is introducing the following bills:

• A requirement that the governor, before ordering clemency, notify the district attorney and the crime victim so that they can be heard before a decision is made. 

• A constitutional amendment to change the death penalty to an absolute true-life penalty, with no opportunity for parole, with a majority vote by the Oregon Senate required to affirm the clemency order. This new aggravated murder absolute (murder committed to hide a crime) true-life penalty in prison legislation would list all the kinds of murders considered aggravated murder.

• An overall restriction on a governor’s clemency powers, so a governor always would have to follow the legislative process  for any clemency decision regarding someone convicted of a felony, not necessarily aggravated murder.

“The governor’s actions simply remind us that victims need to be respected and heard and that we need to change the law and constitution provisions to strengthen our justice system,” Mannix said.