New apartments will combine living, commercial spaces

A nearly completed construction site is under development at the busy intersection of Cherry Road NE and Sam Orcutt Way in Keizer, across the street from Bi-Mart.  The multi-family, multi-use project will be a 40-unit apartment complex with space for commercial vendors in the Cherry Road NE-facing buildings.

The development, called “Cherry Gardens,” is another project by Clutch Industries, which is also building the Verda Crossing complex.  It is divided into four buildings, with the commercial units on the ground floor of the two street-facing buildings and two apartments each above those.  In the back of the development will be two buildings with 18 units each.  The 3,900 square foot property will have some designated parking, as well.

Megan Hurley, the city’s building permit specialist, said the development has undergone a number of revisions for various changes.  Due to the intended mixed family and commercial use of the property, she said there were a higher-than-average number of permits, but the construction was not adversely delayed.

The apartments are expected to be ready to rent by the end of the year or sooner, as various contractors, plumbers and electricians continue the final steps throughout the rest of the summer and fall. Hurley said the development has met all the requirements listed under the River Cherry Overlay District project, which includes maximizing shade, limiting parking and providing green spaces.

The modern apartment and commercial units at Cherry Gardens range in size from 300 square feet to nearly 2,000, and many of them can be combined for additional square footage. There will be nine small retail or office spaces available in the two buildings, and those can be pre-leased now by contacting Tradition Real Estate Partners in Salem, at (503) 559-9279.