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‘Sinos sweep Sens while Volcanoes edge out Mavericks for 1st

A little over two months into the season, and the things are almost as close as they were on opening day.

After going 2-1 in the series against them this week, the Volcanoes (15-12) hold a narrow lead over the Mavericks (16-13) for first place — a .004 edge in winning percentage.

Despite essentially being tied in the standings, the Volcanoes and Mavericks have looked very different this season. The Volcanoes lead the league in runs scores, 226, as well as run differential, +26. 

The Mavericks meanwhile have allowed the most runs, 220, and have a run differential of -20.

In the other series, it was a tale of two teams going opposite directions.

The Campesinos (12-14) swept the Senators (12-16), making it four wins in a row for the ‘Sinos, while the Senators have now lost six straight.

Just 2.5 games behind the Volcanoes and Mavericks, the Campesinos have pulled themselves out of the Mavericks League basement, despite scoring the fewest runs in the league with 156. But they’ve also allowed the fewest at 164. 

The Senators find themselves going the other direction with the losing streak, despite being one of the two Mavericks League teams with a positive run differential.