McNary High receives bomb threat, building evacuated

McNary High School

McNary High School was evacuated earlier this afternoon after receiving an anonymous bomb threat.

Law enforcement and district security investigated the premises before deeming the school safe later that afternoon. District spokesperson Aaron Harada said that students and staff were evacuated from the building for roughly 15 minutes.

“We take all safety concerns very seriously,” said Harada. “We were able to search and clear the building and get students back to school.”

Family members were notified of the situation via email by McNary Principal Erik Jespersen.

“Hearing about a threat to our school is understandably concerning. Honesty and transparency play critical roles in safety, which is why we are sharing this information with you. Maintaining safety in our school requires the ongoing partnership of our school leaders, staff and families to ensure timely reporting of suspicious or concerning activity,” Jespersen said in the email. “I want to commend our student and staff member for doing the right thing and quickly reporting this threat to our school leaders to be able to keep all students and staff safe.”

Harada said that the district will continue to investigate where the source of the threat came from.

This story will be updated.