Keizer man to be featured on The Price is Right

Dusty Bowers

It took 10 years but Dusty Bowers of Keizer finally got called to ‘come on down’ on CBS-TV’s long-running game show, The Price is Right.

Bowers, a 2005 graduate of McNary High School, went to see a taping of the show 10 years ago with his friend, Jeremy Green, who was a contestant on the show ; Bowers didn’t make it on camera in 2011.

On Monday, Dec. 20, Bowers will appear as a contestant on The Price is Right. It will air at 10 a.m. on KOIN-TV channel 6. After that it will be available on and then on Paramount+ on demand.

Wanting to be part of the 50th anniversary season of The Price is Right, Bower’s friend, Jeremy, got an interview to be a Christmas-themed show and was chosen. He was able to bring up to four guests to the taping. Several shows are taped at one time. Luckily for Bowers, there were not enough people in the audience for the second taping and they were asked to stay to fill out the audience.

When he was called to come on down to be the next contestant, Bowers said he and his friends hugged each other and jumped around. “It seemed like we were jumping for about three minutes, but it was actually mere seconds. It was so fun,” he said.

Sworn to offer no spoilers, Bowers did not say if he got on stage, if he won any prizes or got to spin the Showcase Showdown wheel. To find out what happens, tune in on Monday, Dec. 20 at 10 a.m.