Reckless driving at forefront of citizen concerns

The Traffic Safety Bikeways Pedestrian Committee continued their discussions on how to address citizens’ concerns over reckless driving in Keizer at a Sept. 15 meeting. 

At an Aug. 19 meeting, multiple citizens advocated for the installation of red light cameras on River Road to combat red light runners. Sgt. David LeDay, police liaison to the committee, said there have been only 22 crashes in the past five years at red light intersections in Keizer and violations most likely wouldn’t cover the cost of installing the red light cameras. 

The committee then pivoted to discussing more cost efficient solutions such as putting out signs that show the cost of a citation or placing reader boards to caution drivers. That conversation continued at the Tuesday, Sept. 15 meeting as the committee was given cost estimates for signs.

According to committee member Michael DeBlasi, it would cost the city $1,300 a month to rent reader boards — which DeBlasi followed by saying he doubts the city council would approve that cost with how tight their budget is. The estimated cost to purchase the reader boards was $16,000.

Speed display signs would cost around $6,000 to purchase, according to Public Works Liaison Mike Griffin, and were seen as a more feasible option by the committee.

The committee ultimately decided to instruct the city manager to compile a list of the top five areas in Keizer with traffic complaints and tickets. Once they have this list, they will recommend the three areas in Keizer where they believe these signs are needed and the estimated cost to the Keizer City Council. 

DeBlasi said Monday that he had emailed the Interim City Manager Wes Hare asking for top five areas in the last three years with the most complaints and tickets.  

The committee also discussed possible sidewalk projects that are in the Transportation System Plan at the Sept. 15 meeting. DeBlasi encouraged Keizer citizens to submit sidewalk applications for areas where there are gaps between sidewalk connections.

Joey Cappelletti: [email protected]