Scott brings military presence to McNary

There are multiple ways for high schoolers to get more involved with their community, such as volunteering or attending local events. Another option is by joining the National Guard, which can be done by talking to an army recruiter through the student’s school.

Jason Scott is one of the army recruiters at McNary High School and has been recruiting for over a year now. He is also one of the wrestling coaches and has helped in athletic programs and ROTC.

Those in high school interested in joining the National Guard should reach out to the army recruiter assigned to their high school. From there they can ask questions and start the application process.

“They’re going to sit down with us and we’ll talk about the benefit the national guard has to offer and see if it’s going to be a good fit for them,” Scott said.

Applicants will then need to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test and look at possible waivers if necessary.

For those who do qualify, Scott believes that there are jobs available for everyone.

“Just about any career field you can think of in the civilian sector is going to be offered in the National Guard. We have over 150 job opportunities,” he said.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott has noticed a decline in applicants most likely due to classes being online. However, this means that people who apply and are qualified for the national guard, will most likely be accepted.

There is a lot to consider when thinking about joining the National Guard that high schoolers should be aware of.

“You’re going to join active duty and put in your time there. You’re going to learn a lot, but that’s going to be your life until you get out,” Scott said.

Although this may seem intimidating, there are also multiple benefits involved with the National Guard including Tricare and federal tition assistance.

Scott believes that the most rewarding part of being in the National Guard is being able to contribute to the community.

“You want to help your community and that’s exactly what you get to do,” he said.