Monster Cookie returns, will start in Keizer

For the first time ever, the annual Monster Cookie Metric Century Bike Ride will be starting in Keizer at Keizer Rapids Park. There will be three rides available on August 29 and those that are interested can register now.

The three rides include the Mini Cookie which is 6.2 miles long, Half Cookie which is 31 miles, and the Big Cookie which is 62 miles. Tickets for the Half Cookie and the Big Cookie ride are $45 for adults. The Mini Cookie is free for kids under 10 and $6 for adults.

The Monster Cookie will bike to Champoeg State Park and back, Half Cookie will bike to Zielinski Farm and back, and Mini Cookie will travel along local bike paths. Everyone will meet back at Keizer Rapids Park for a monster cookie.

Pre-registration ends on August 23. Registrations can be made online at