Weddle teachers earn Sonic Drive-In donations

Two Weddle Elementary School teachers recently received donations to school projects from Sonic Drive-In, as part of the chain honoring educators during Teacher Appreciation Month.

Stacy Thibodeaux applied for a donation to provide T-shirts and dye kits for a year-end, tie-dying project.

“My students are a wonderful group of first-graders from Keizer, Oregon. They come to school so full of energy and excitement. Many of my students come from a background of poverty and do not have access to a lot of materials and experiences at home,” Thibodeaux wrote in her application.

The project is designed to give the students something students need in addition to the basics: a bit of fun, she wrote.

Counselor Melissa Shrout received a donation to purchase supplies that will help create a social-emotional learning (SEL) resources that teachers and instructional assistants can use as they transition back to in-person, full-time learning.

“Being a school counselor is such an opportunity to offer joy, hope, and be a bridge-builder among students. These resources that I am requesting will help me support kiddos in these creative circumstances and help build capacity for practicing SEL activities in a classroom setting,” Shrout wrote.

The two teachers received a combined total of $193.

Other projects that Keizer teachers are fundraising for can be found at:

Through Limeades for Learning, SONIC has donated more than $19 million to public school teachers, helping more than 36,000 teachers and impacting nearly 7.4 million students in public schools nationwide since 2009.