Unfinished learning leads to district intervention

Due to the 2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic, Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) students have unfinished learning. The district will utilize current MTSS structures and systems to identify students and to match appropriate interventions to ensure every student receives the right instruction at the right time. Because ensuring student learning towards state standards is the basic function of our schools and school staff, as is intervening when students are notmaking expected progress, our MTSS structures are the best mechanisms for identification, monitoring, and decision-making about unfinished learning needs. Several funding sources support the effort to address unfinished learning and provide the right instruction at the right time for every student.

The data and budget implications for the general funds (K-12) include:

• Staffing of schools with licensed, classified, and administrative support to ensure student learning.

• Additional staffing for Co-Teaching and Embedded Services and Supports in Tier 1 Instruction

(Elementary, Middle, High)

• SEL and Attendance Support (e.g., Knock and Connect, Counseling) (Elementary, Middle, High)

• Technology Supports and Curriculum for Distance Learning and MTSS Systems

• Alternative Education Programming

• Student Health Supports (Nursing and School Based Health Assistants)

• Proficiency-based Credit Recover Programs (High School)

• Credit Recovery Courses (High School)

• After-school Tutoring (Elementary, Middle, High)

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