DMV renewals go digital in May

Many Oregon residents will be able to renew their driver licenses, permits and identification cards online at DMV2U starting in early May, possibly as early as May 5.

The new feature coming to will save thousands of customers a trip to a DMV office and free up appointment times for others. Demand for appointment slots and DMV services remains high because of the COVID-19 backlog.

After renewing online, they will be able to print a receipt to carry with them. Law enforcement can verify driving privileges electronically in the event of a traffic stop.

The online option comes at a critical time. DMV mails renewal reminders to customers about two months before expiration. But many reminders intended to be mailed this winter were delayed by a programming error. Those customers may be eligible to renew online in May faster than waiting for an appointment. News of the online renewal option has been added to the mailed reminders.

Starting in May drivers will be able to renew their license, ID card, instruction permit and more. Online renewal will allow drivers to change addresses if they have moved and add or remove the organ donation option on their record.

In order to qualify for online renewal your card must be within 13 months of its expiration date, previous renewal must have been done in person at a DMV office. Suspended drivers and those who owe rein statement fee from a previous suspension are not eligible.

For the next two years, DMV will postpone the vision test required for drivers age 50 and older who renew online. This will enable more Oregonians to renew online instead of making an appointment at DMV.

Drivers 50 and older who renew online will be required to pass that screening no later than their next renewal.

Drivers can find out if they a eligible to renew a current Oregon card online, in early May go to and start using the online renewal option. The website will ask a series of questions and, if eligible, allow renewal online. Fees can be paid online using a debit/credit card.

More information on accessing DMV services: