Reading, filmed play on deck

For Keizer Homegrown Theatre, the show must always go on. 

This month, the troupe will conduct a live reading and hopes to debut a filmed production in the near future.

KHT’s next participatory reading will be March 16, at 6:30 p.m. Viewers can log on to participate or simply watch. The reading will be Hannah and the Dread Gazebo by Jiehae Park. Send an email request to [email protected] if you wish to be one of the readers.

The 90-minute play, set in New York City and Korea in the winter of 2011, takes Hannah’s Korean American family on a surreal, funny and heartbreaking adventure that involves a FedEx package containing a 100% bona-fide-heart’s-desire-level wish and a suicide note. The journey takes the family back to their roots in South and North Korea and the forbidden Demilitarized Zone that divides them.

KHT cast and crew are planning a filmed production of Dating: Adults Embracing Failure by Josh Lanzet & Lindy Voeltner. In a series of comedic vignettes, couples navigate the triumphs and tribulations of dating via the internet. 

By selecting real-life couples to act out stand-alone scenes, KHT is limiting the rehearsals to the director and two actors. The play will be filmed start-to-finish using two cameras with the premiere date and ticketing information to be announced. 

The couples taking the stage are: Jessica and Tom Cavanaugh; Deborah and Paul Nelson; Katherine and Matthew Otten; Loriann and Eric Schmidt; and Shilah and Sam Tibbits.

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