LaMoyne Louis Mapes

Born in Fort Klamath, Ore. to Francis Manion Mapes and Everett Mapes. He had three siblings, Joe, Flo and Bob. Fran (as she went by) later married “Pop” Frank Bolton. He is survived by his oldest brother Joe Mapes and stepbrothers Dave and Doug Bolton. They moved to Salem after LaMoyne was born. 

He is a South Salem Saxon Alumni 1954-1956 and fullback record holder for many years. He held the title for of the longest total yards and most touchdowns. The Saxons were state champions in 1955. He was inducted into the South Salem Hall of Fame with his team from 1955. He was chosen to be one of two Salem area players to go to the All-Star Shriners Game in 1956. Football was and will always be his passion. Run Free #23!! There was only one school: Salem High School, which he attended until South was opened. All the dances and events for the schools were held together. 

One bright day, LaMoyne was being interviewed at the local radio station for his football accomplishments in the season. One 16-year-old blonde-haired, blue-eyed North Salem rally girl named Judie Reimann took a chance. Judie drove up to the radio station, listened to the interview and waited. LaMoyne came out of the station and she drove up beside him and asked, “Do you know LaMoyne Mapes?” He said “No” and she said, “Oh, Ok” and drove off. Imagine the excitement when he followed her home. Their courtship lasted four years. They got married on January 30, 1960. Their love story continued, and they celebrated 61 years together this year. 

Their first daughter Barbie was born nine months later, on August 4, 1960. Todd followed on Oct 2, 1962 and the Reno baby, April, on January 20, 1970. 

He served in the Army National Guard for nine years during the Korean War. But never saw active duty. 

Lou, as his fellow sheet metal workers called him, worked sheet metal all his life. He got his start when his father-in-law, Vern Reimann, offered him a career at Reimann Sheet Metal. If asked, he would say he loved what he did for a living. 

 LaMoyne and Judie lived in the Keizer area all their adult lives. Raised their kids in the Palma Ciea area and then McNary Heights. All the kids went to McNary. Barbie married Steve Anderson in 1990, had Missy Anderson (now married to Dustin Risseeuw and son Waylon) and Danny Anderson (now married to Breanna Beebe). Barbie and Steve later divorced. Barbie’s boyfriend is Jim Swicegood. Todd Mapes followed in his dad’s footsteps by playing high school football. They were best buds. April married Brian McVay in 2002 after nine years of courtship and have a daughter Micah McVay. Jeff Peterson and girlfriend Ruthie Weathers, kids Tyler Peterson (with Katie and son Mason), daughter Alyx (who is newly engaged to Connor Goff), Renee and Jordan Gilbertson have been a huge part of helping during dad’s ALS. 

Diagnosed with ALS – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis almost six years to the day. He was given 3 – 5 years. A new drug called Radicava helped him keep more of his function. He was first affected in his hands, then feet and legs. He was blessed to be able to breath, talk, eat and swallow almost to the end. We cannot thank enough the ALS association, his ALS providers Dr. Goshlin and Dr. Bazahn, Primary Dr. Rumbaugh. The group down at Salem Hospital Infusion Department and all the girls that he looked forward to seeing every 18 days. His care providers Judie, Marisol, Nichole, Brian, Jeff, Barbie, Todd, April and Micah. Without them all, he would not have been able to enjoy his days at home.

If you asked LaMoyne what his loves were, he would say his beautiful wife, his kids, his friends, family, football, and the Keizer Elks Club!!! He helped work on the pavilion at the RV park, clean up, loaded Christmas baskets and helped by spreading the word to keep the club rolling. There were many gatherings celebrated there. So, it will only be fitting that we hold the celebration of life that will at the Keizer Elks Club, August 14, at 3 p.m. 

Donations can be made to: 

• Keizer Elks Club – in honor of LaMoyne Mapes

• Saxon Education Foundation in honor of LaMoyne Mapes (501-(c)3 charitable fund)

 • ALS Association – in honor of LaMoyne Mapes.