Council gets it right on Ivy Way trees

To the Editor:

Last night (Monday, Dec. 7), there was a public hearing at the Keizer City Council to determined how to “fix” the issue of 10 feet of damaged sidewalk located on Harcourt Avenue at the side of a residence (1360 Ivy Way NE, Keizer, Oregon). Fixing the sidewalk would have caused the removal of two perfectly healthy, magnificent trees – trees that are heritage-like landmarks for this area of Keizer. 

The council voted for the simple solution of removing the sidewalk and retaining the trees. This outcome was not too surprising since the council continues to demonstrate a commitment to making this community a vital and enjoyable place to live.

However, I was surprised to learn that members of the council personally visited the site beforehand to make sure they understood all aspects of the issue. And I was thoroughly impressed with the all effort the council made in getting to the right decision. 

Many thanks to the mayor and the councilors for all the time and effort they contribute to making the City of Keizer a very special community.

Barbara Hunter