LETTER: COVID-19 and politics

To the Editor: 

Dear Mayor Clark,

I was deeply disappointed to read a letter sent from Rep. Bill Post’s office on which you were a signatory asking Governor Brown to not implement a “pause” to combat the spreading of COVID-19 cornoavirus.

A significant reason COVID cases are rising in Oregon and around the country is that many think they know better than the medical professionals and scientists. By dismissing “simple” strategies as wearing a mask and safe distancing, individuals are playing a deadly role in propagating this pandemic.

I find those that play politics with the pandemic abhorrent and believe they lack serious concern for the safety and well-being of their constituents. I do not see you as part of that group and hope you will resolve the disappointment I feel about your leadership right now. I hope you will consider removing your name from that letter. Instead, I implore you to send a message to Keizerites and those that visit, work, and play in our community that your first concern is for our/their lives. #wearamask #wereallinthistogether


Barbara McCullough-Jones