Mayor renounces gov’s freeze tactics, Post calls for defiance

At a Keizer City Council meeting Monday, Nov. 16, Mayor Cathy Clark played up fears she had heard about police showing up at the doors and either citing or arresting members of the household. 

“I am extremely concerned about families in this community that are larger than six people,” said Clark. She then directed a more pointed question at City Manager Chris Eppley, “Will the police come to a door for a family that is larger than six, city manager?”

“As per my direction, no,” Eppley replied. 

“We will not be doing anything except being welcoming and caring for one another,” Clark said. “I am deeply disturbed that there are children who are fearful, that is borderline harassment.”

State Rep. Bill Post urged the city and its residents to defy the freeze orders.

“To ask people not to get together for the sake of getting together is something I cannot believe I am hearing and I am reading,” Post said. 

Post cited low-wage workers losing jobs and the lack of input from the Oregon Legislature as further reason to defy the order. Post specifically accused the Oregon governor of “weaponizing the Oregon Health Authority.

“I am asking that we, as a community, ignore the recent order,” Post said. “Wear your masks, keep your distance when you can, cover your mouth when you cough and do the things that we all know are safe and effective in stopping the spread of this virus. Celebrate as you and your family see fit and as the founders of this nation intended, in freedom.”

Despite all the talk of defiance, many of the chairs had been removed from council chambers to encourage more social distancing and everyone, those offering testimony and councilors themselves, wore masks throughout the proceedings. Prior to the most recent orders, members of the council had decided not to wear masks as long as social distance could be maintained.