LETTER: Support for RJ Navarro

To the Editor: 

While I am no longer a resident of Keizer, I consider it my home to the core, still. 

I’m writing today because Bill Post, in my opinion, has lost the right to continue representing the people of the 25th District in the Oregon House. When he first ran in 2014 I saw him as a man of principle, ethics and honor. I now see him as someone who has betrayed those values in supporting a party that’s shifted to more radical lines of thinking on the national level. 

Bill Post is a man who throughout his tenure in office has been known to wear different hats. He claimed to be a people’s representative and yet worked hard to kill a transit ballot measure that would’ve expanded the transit system several years ago. 

For all my disagreements with Bill as a legislator, I had respect for him as a person up to the point he refused to condemn the tactics of the vice chair of the Marion County GOP, who, up until a month ago was harassing Bill’s opponent on social media and trying to condemn his criminal record. When trying to hold Bill accountable on that, I was described as “someone who has hatred in his soul” and “no longer a constituent, so talking to you is no longer needed.”

To the people of Keizer and the 25th district overall, I say this: do not vote this man in office again. He only is considerate and representative of those that are the upper elite of the community or as I like to call it “the old boys club.”

A vote for RJ Navarro will, in my opinion, restore honor and integrity to the district.  

Dakota Saunders