LETTER: Support for Ross Day

To the Editor:

Being a part of city leadership is a serious job and I know Ross Day is ready for the role and responsibilities that come along with it. He has the experience as a longtime resident in Keizer that would make him an asset to our people and community. 

I hope that you will join me in supporting Ross Day for Keizer city council because he is a champion for businesses. As Keizer continues to expand, I would feel heard with Ross as a leader. He understands the needs of running a local business, as well as the uncomfortability that comes with urban expansion, especially during these pandemic-struck times. I am excited to see Ross assume this new leadership role because I know he truly cares about a positive expansion of Keizer and will help it go as smoothly as possible. Ross is a planner, entrepreneur, and representative all wrapped into one. We need Ross Day advocating on our behalf.

Ross is an incredible listener. He will make sure our voices are heard and will truly act in our best interest. Ross also shares a number of concerns with us as well, a priority of his being solving the recent congestion created by the growth of our city and surrounding land. To Ross, all priorities, big and small, are important on his list and I believe in his leadership to help accomplish this. Please join me in voting for Ross Day for Keizer City Council this November. 

Phil Bailey