LETTER: Support for Dylan Juran

To the Editor:

I am supporting Dylan Juran for Keizer city council. Dylan is a life-long resident of Keizer, and has served on the Parks Advisory Board for going on six years. He and his wife own a home in Keizer, and are invested in improving the community and making it welcoming to everyone. Dylan is a tech whiz and works for NWEA a research-based, not-for-profit that supports students and educators by creating assessment solutions for teachers all over the world. Although he is young, Dylan is an energetic self-starter. He founded and chairs the board of Satellite Gaming, a youth focused community organization for kids to share their love of computer games and skills. It has grown over the years and fills a niche for many youngsters. One of Dylan’s priorities is making sure that all Keizer residents have access to a broadband internet network. As we know, WiFi access is indispensable now for most school kids but is not readily available to everyone. Dylan has a view of the future Keizer where everyone has access to education and jobs and feels safe and welcome. Vote for Dylan Juran for Keizer City Council!  

Kathy Lincoln


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