Regarding the bare minimums

In the Keizertimes editorial endorsements, (October 9), we wrote: . . . sitting councilors have raised the ire of residents by refusing to adopt an inclusion resolution, but that’s only one symptom of a council that seems to have forgotten how to strive to do more than the bare minimum. 

Some took that to mean the council did the bare minimum on all its work. We were speaking specifically about an inclusion resolution. We know the seven members of the city council work hard on issues across the board, giving thoughtful consideration for legislation that affects every Keizer household.

After a lengthy conversation with the mayor, we understand that an inclusion resolution involves more than putting words on paper. What may appear to some as the bare minimum at first glance (we’re guilty), when completed it will be a document that addresses all aspects of inclusion: race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and more. A document with legal heft takes time, but after being on the council’s radar for two years, we are calling for them to give an inclusion resolution the priority the community expects.