Grassroots Government: Traffic Safety, Bikeways and Pedestrian Committee

The main agenda item involved picking projects for potential grants offered by the Oregon Department of Transportation. 

Committee member Wayne Frey has been leading the charge to have the city apply for ODOT’s Community Path Program. ODOT is offering up to $750,000 for pathways deemed critical or for linking communities. 

Several options were laid out as potential picks, but the two that found favor with the committee were installing a connection route from Dearborn Avenue Northeast to the bike path along the Salem Parkway and installing a crosswalk at the intersection of Tepper Lane Northeast and Keizer Station Boulevard. 

“The parkway path to River Road would have the most practical benefit on top of serving schools. Once River Road is complete, then you would have a lot of nice connections,” said Steven Wolf, another member of the committee. There are plans to eventually install a multiuse path along River Road, but the idea is still in nascent stages. 

The proposed connecting pathway would run along Dearborn Avenue Northeast east of Verda Lane Northeast, north on Noren Avenue Northeast and finally east on Keizer Road Northeast to the parkway bike path. 

The crosswalk on Tepper Lane would provide additional neighborhood connection to Keizer Station and Volcanoes Stadium from the Gubser neighborhood. The intersection of the two streets is at a blind corner and additional safety measures were warranted, the committee members determined. 

The committee needs to get the approval of the Keizer City Council before submitting a letter of intent to apply for the grants. The council will likely take up the issue at its next meeting Monday, Oct. 19.