Kroc Center reopening to members

The Kroc Center will be reopening its doors on Monday, June 22 (KEIZERTIMES/Lauren Murphy).

After closing for more than three months due to COVID-19, the Kroc Center will be opening back up and offering limited service to members only beginning on Monday, June 22.

The center is also waiving their $75 registration fee for new members through the summer.

“The last three months have been a challenge, but we are very eager to get back to something that looks close to normal. There is definitely an excitement in the air with our employees,” said executive director Lt. Quinton Markham.

While the campus opens up on Monday, church services and kids camps began earlier this week, albeit with heavy restrictions.

The Kroc Center is still offering their normal kids camp schedule, however, they are not allowing more than 10 kids in an individual camp group — no more than 100 overall kids will be participating in camp activities during a given time. Each of the camp groups will be separated.

“We want the camps to look close to the same, we’re just going to have to make adjustments because only certain parts of the facility will be open to a specific camp group,” Markham said. “But these camps will still feature great activities for kids. They will have a blast.”

Markham also said that each camp area would be heavily cleaned and sanitized after use. 

While the facility’s services will be limited, the fitness center and aquatics center will be open. Weights and cardio equipment will be spaced six feet apart to encourage social distancing protocols.

Group exercise classes will begin the following week on a modified schedule.

“We want to do everything we can to make sure everyone is staying safe,” Markham said. “It’s a unique time, but we are adapting to the changes.”

The Kroc Center currently doesn’t have a timetable on when guests can return, but Markham is hoping that the facility will have fewer restrictions later on this summer.

“We don’t have a designated date for guests to return. We just want to open up and see how it goes,” Markham said.