Don’t let them go hungry

COVID-19 has up-ended life as we know it. Many people have been out of work as their employers shut down at Gov. Kate Brown’s order. Those who were fortunate got their $1,200 federal stimulus check, or unemployment checks from the state. 

Those who are less fortunate have to figure out how to survive, especially when it comes to putting food on their family dining tables. Any lifeline, especially food banks, becomes vitally important to our neighbors who need a helping hand.

The pandemic has descimated the shelves at Keizer Community Food Bank and they need to be restocked. In normal times, the food bank is always in need of donations; these days it is desperate need of food and cash donations. We all have our challenges now, some more than others. We shouldn’t let our neighbors go hungry. We ask the community to show its generosity again by donating food or money. Food banks are able to buy food at wholesale prices, cheaper than the public is able to buy food on sale. Financial donations are going to supply more food for people in need when you donate to a food bank, and allow the food bank to buy what is needed to stock the shelves.  -—LAZ