Letter: Kudos to Oregonians during pandemic

To the Editor: 

I have traveled around the world as a civilian, living in and holding down jobs in Canada, Germany and Saudi Arabia, enjoying travels for short stopovers along the way.  

Nevertheless, as a native son (born in Astoria), no matter how far away or for how long, my return to native soil was a guarantee because my original family settled on the banks of the Columbia River, weaned me on Chinook salmon and made me a permanent lover of this place where, although seeing so much elsewhere, recognized nothing more pretty or more blessed that this state of Oregon.

I want to make my pride in Oregonians known to the world. Oregonians, who’ve done so well at staying well. That status has been realized by the vast majority of us, mainly going along with Gov. Kate Brown’s order to stay-in-place. Personal experience has disclosed it not altogether an easy assignment; yet, has resulted in few of us having to break ranks to violate the admonition. Further, with the improvement in weather that calls us each spring, like the Siren’s Song, to seek the salt sea air, pleas from Oregon coast residents to respect their basic needs, first, to survive and, also, to retain local provisions sufficient to satisfy food and drink requirements, was observed. What’s become of a situation—that could have gone real bad—can best be described as peace and order along the shores of the Pacific Ocean where Oregon’s small cities, scenic villages, pristine parks and resplendent views invite visitors to enjoy the attractions.

As things stood as of late Monday, Oregon counted 3,449 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 148 deaths. Meanwhile, accompanying good news on this day reported that not a single person had passed away. By way of any comparison with other states and other nations, Oregon stands tall and proud with its population of persons, representing all races, cultures and religions, as good, and even outstanding by any look elsewhere, at how others have fared. We continue to be reminded by our best American scientists with expertise in viruses that we are some distance from declaring victory over COVID-19. Nevertheless, every indication is that we Oregonians care enough about each other by willing to practice stay-at-home, mask-wearing and distance-respecting to keep this “wolf” at bay.

Gene H. McIntyre