Nurses: the superheroes of our time

There are many people across the nation in many fields fighting against COVID-19. Grocery store employees continue to stock products and check out customers. Teachers hold virtual classes. Scientists are working around the clock in laboratories around the world searching for a vaccine for the disease that has now taken the lives of more than 80,000 Americans. 

Heroes can be found all around us but special commendation needs to be given to the frontline medical personnel, especially America’s nurses.

Whether thery serve in special wards or emergency departments of hospitals, nurses take their lives into their own hands as they treat patients with the coronavirus or suffering from COVID-19 itself. Some nurses have worked arduous hours, at times without all the tools necessary such as ventilators, N95 masks and personal protective equipment. That is the very definition of a hero: one who enters the battlefield without regards for their personal safety.

Nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare. In normal circumstances, a nurse performs just about every task for patients. They help usher babies into the world. They lovingly escort people out of the world. 

Nurses are humane, they are kind and caring, many are comedians, injecting lightness in what is often a person’s worst day. They shoulder burdens that test mere mortals. 

During this pandemic nurses are going above and beyond their normal duties. When the history of COVID-19 is written, the world’s nurses will share equal importance with the doctors and researchers. As frontline personnel, it is nurses that people come in contact with first and it sets the tone for their medical journey.

Nurses are heroes in normal times, they are superheroes during this health crisis.   — LAZ