MHS Seniors: BOLT ahead with a free classes at Chemeketa

Chemeketa Community College is offering free online courses for high school seniors who have met graduation requirements. 

Tuition, fees and textbooks are all covered. A set of 15 general education, transferable courses are available to students within Chemeketa’s service district.

All are accelerated five-week college courses for spring term and will begin May 4. 

Registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Chemeketa is calling the opportunity BOLT to Chemeketa. Bolt is the name of the school mascot.  

Interested students should contact their respective high schools and speak to the school’s representative, often a guidance or career counselor. They must also meet the following criteria:

• Students must be seniors who have met high school graduation requirements.

• Students must be in good academic standing.

• Students must have access to a computer/laptop and Wi-Fi.

• Students are limited to one five-week course for spring term.  

Some students may elect to enroll in an additional two-credit FYE (First Year Experience) course if planning to attend Chemeketa after high school graduation.