LETTER: Mark Gamba for Congress

To the Editor:

Like thousands of you, I’m worried about my family’s financial state due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The busy signal at the unemployment office is my mortal enemy. A few days ago, I posted to social media that our family lost all of our income after a recent layoff. Milwaukie’s mayor, Mark Gamba, commented on my post and directed me as to what I should do next. While managing a city during a pandemic and simultaneously running for Congress, Mark helped me during one of my most vulnerable times. 

Since the beginning of this health crisis, Mark has proven to be a compassionate and bold leader. Mark is one of the mayors that pushed Governor Kate Brown to implement the stay-at-home order to help us flatten the curve. He has also been extremely vocal about calling for a Green New Deal that provides a jobs guarantee and universal healthcare. 

Mark hosts virtual town halls to update the public and has viewer Q&As every Saturday. This is exactly the kind of leadership Oregonians need and deserve; and it is why I fully endorse Mark Gamba for Oregon’s Congressional 5th District.

Niki Falardeau