Gubser faculty, staff parade for students

Gubser third grader Andre Dye chalked out the welcome mat for his teachers as they paraded by his house today.

The mood was buoyant in the parking lot of Gubser Elementary School as teachers prepared a parade for their students Tuesday, April 7. Along the route, students themselves were amped to see familiar faces from school.

Physical education teacher Wally Wing practiced what he preaches in joining the parade on his bike.

Fifth grade teacher David Whetzel straps a gator, the school mascot, to the car of Michele Nowlin.

Instructional assistant Courtney and daughter Hailey Folsom decorate their car.

Amy Doerfler gets a hand from Michele Nowlin before setting off.

Third grade teacher Becca Laframboise adds balloons to her ride.

Music teacher Stephanie Meeks writes on her windshield.

Kindergartener Morgan Kohler could barely contain her excitement.

The Gubser mascot rides in the flatbed of Principal Tom Charboneau.

Samantha, Georgia and Ellie wait to greet their teachers.

First grade teacher Angel Carter waves to students.

Teacher Carol Proudfit waves to spectators.

Gubser teachers affix signs to their vehicles.

Messages to students adorned cars.