Letter: Where are you America?

To the Editor:

I, for one, have been asking why we have to be a registered Republican or Democrat to have our voice heard around this country? 

Oh sure, you can register as an “independent” or as they like to call it “unaffiliated” voter, but who really cares besides you? Your candidate will never have a primary or join in any debate or win an election. That is why many in power today started out as independent thinking people but switched to one of the two parties because they knew they didn’t stand a chance. Why?

What about those of us who are fed up with both parties? People don’t have to ascribe to the ideas of either of these parties to be great candidates and exceptional leaders. In fact, I don’t think either of these parties resemble anything near what they represented in the beginning. We need at least four or five political parties that all have the chance to nominate, support, have debates and vote for primaries as well. What about a Tea Party, Libertarian, Independent and, yea, even a Socialist party? At least we would know who or what we were voting for. My personal feeling is that the president of the United States should not belong to any political party at all. That would be new and different, don’t you think?

By the way, coming from someone who was around before dial telephones, do you really want America to become a socialist country? Do you have any idea what that is? Study it. Do you really want the government taking over your life and telling you what you can and can’t do, can or can’t buy or own, and worse yet, what you can believe? Check it out. What has happened to education in this country? I guess it has gone the way of all good and noble things like truth, manners, respect, kindness, etc.

I don’t know how things work in big government, but it seems to me like there are those out there who do know how to get things like this done. Where are you?

Judy Chappell

Libertytown, MD