Keizer bullish on Bernie

Giving to presidential campaigns fell sharply in the fourth quarter of 2019, but Keizer residents threw the most financial support to Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

Businessman Andrew Yang, who dropped out of the race last week, topped Sanders’ total contributions, but the support came from only two donors. Sanders had eight donors in total. 

ProPublica recently shared fourth quarter reports from every state’s campaign giving. Keizertimes culled the contributions from Keizer residents for this story. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren led in campaign donations in the third quarter of 2019 and fell to third as the year closed out, but she is still far and away the biggest recipient of Keizer’s presidential campaign cash.

Here’s how giving broke down for each candidate. 

Andrew Yang

Yang received the largest single donation from a Keizer resident, $1,000. It pushed him over the top with a contribution total of $1,208.18 from two donors. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Eight Keizer donors contributed a total of $1,069.50 to the Sanders campaign. His largest single contributor gave $349 over the course of three months. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

The Warren campaign received a total of $816 from six donors. The largest single donation was $250. Despite the dip in giving, Warren’s third quarter haul of $11,485 keeps her well ahead of the pack as far as support from Keizer residents. 

Pete Buttigieg

Buttigeig’s campaign received a total of $664.53 from Keizerites. He had a total of 56 individual contributions from three donors. The top contributor gave a little more than $400 during the three-month period. 

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Gabbard’s campaign received $142 from two donors in the third quarter. 


Sen. Kamala Harris, who ended her campaign for the nation’s highest office in December, received $40 from one donor. 

The Donald Trump and Joe Biden campaigns each received a single $25 donation in the third quarter.