Celtics unleash the spectacle of Font Club: The Musical

Gabriel Englert, Julia DaSilva, Aiden Wilson, Ben Sheets, Morgan McClain, and Edward Hyson along with teacher Paul Shuirman.

It was free to enter, but $5 to leave. If attendees tried to escape without paying, the ticket-checker was wearing roller skates to chase them down. 

It was Font Club: the Musical or, at least, video with a live action training montage complete with the Font Mafia finger-snapping chorus.  

Members of the McNary High School Font Club came up with a unique way to raise money and, they hope, remove comic sans fonts from school buses. To help with the effort, there was merch including official T-shirts, stickers and signed photos of the cast. 

Adien Wilson, as Wingdings, takes part in a live action training montage

Font Club: The Musical is the story of Wingdings, a nerdy, unintelligible font, being bullied by the popular Comic Sans. Fortunately, Wingdings finds an ally in Times New Roman. The two overcome a language barrier and Wingdings, backed by Font Mafia, eventually stands up to Comic Sans. 

Music for the movie was played entirely on kazoos and found instruments. A kazoo-variant of The Star Spangled Banner kicked off the showing. 

There were many tears spilled by the roughly two dozen attendees – laughter was the primary source. Members of Font Club expect it will take more screenings to achieve their ultimate goal of purging comic sans from buses.