In-N-Out traffic

Readers responded to the Keizertimes article about how In-N-Out and the city will deal with expected traffic when the restaurant opens in Keizer Station (‘Double-Double’ traffic will snake through stadium lot, Dec. 6). Here are some of the selected comments:

Definitely not worth the wait for hours for a burger and fries! I feel bad for employees and patients that need to get to work or their doctors appts at Keizer Station. —Roseanne Dettwyler

So there won’t be a dedicated lane for in and out customers and then one for those, say, just trying to get to Target or Ross? —Jennifer Harmony

That is ridiculous. Who waits in line for an hour for a burger? I do almost all of my shopping at Keizer Station and am not looking forward to the traffic being even worse than it already is. —Erin O’Shea

Is there a plan in place for those people on the same roads trying to legitimately get to one of the other businesses? Not to mention the potential road rage from persons thinking they are cutting or people who are stuck in this planned crazy loop to loop and they just want to get to their destination that does not include In-N-Out? I’m sorry I am hoping for the best but personally, as a resident if Keizer for the last 15 years, I’m just going to stay out of the way; unfortunately that means I will be taking my business to Salem. —Gillian Gelfand Herndon

Hopefully the long lines will encourage people to eat at the other spots in Keizer Station. Otherwise those places are going to take a huge hit during the holidays.  —Erin Crauder

It would be faster to drive to Grants Pass to the In & Out there. —Bev Everett Landgren

I plan to avoid Keizer Station like the plague from the moment they open until things die down. My cousin lives near the Medford store and she said it was impossible to get anywhere near it for at least a month. —Deanne Gregory

A January opening would be easier on Christmas shoppers and doubtful that it would change their grand opening profits. Seems like that would have been the friendly neighbor option. —Kristen Tesch

Negative comments versus those excited and the growth Keizer gains from one business adds to the success of all business in Keizer. —Scott White

All these people who are complaining must not want Keizer business to thrive. This is a win for Keizer. The traffic will be slow for a month or so, but come on, that’s not very long and will be over before you know it. Then, Keizer Station will be a shopping destination for Portland and other towns that want In-N-Out. If you don’t like it, don’t go out to Keizer Station, you would never survive in LA or other congested towns so feel lucky it’s only for a short time. —Rob Orahood

I may be in the minority but I am actually thrilled that this business is coming to our town. Believe it or not, people coming for just “a burger” will end up servicing a lot of the businesses in the Keizer Station. Keizer Station has a good layout and the traffic should flow pretty smoothly. Our Keizer community needs this boost. It will draw the crowd from Portland down to Salem and let them spend some of their money in our community. I am wishing them success. —Amber Johnson

Unbelievable how so many have jumped to the conclusion that traffic will be so horrible due to In-N-Out coming to Keizer Station. I don’t understand why people feel they must talk so negatively about it. There are a lot of people that do like the burgers and fries. I, for one, miss their Double Doubles and fries. It has been a little over 25 years since I have had In-N-Out. Because their meat and potatoes are fresh and never frozen I am hoping it still tastes the same. I guess I will find out after Christmas when I will have money again to buy dinner. —LoAnn Brandenberger