Keizer police plan push to prevent theft of presents

Throughout the holiday season, the Keizer Police Department’s Community Response Unit (CRU) will be conducting several undercover operations aimed at preventing theft from vehicles and porches around the city. 

CRU officers will be conducting surveillance, utilizing “bait” packages in cars and other tactics to help ensure shopping experiences don’t end with the theft of those perfect gifts. To help lessen the chances of becoming a victim of theft and to help the department reach its goal of zero thefts from vehicles and porches, KPD is offering the following tips:

• Keep vehicles locked at all times.

• When parked, never leave keys in the car and keep all windows up.

• Never leave a car running when unattended.

• Avoid leaving valuables inside vehicles and, if you must do so, conceal the items.

• Park in a well-lit area if possible.

• When scheduling package deliveries, coordinate pick-ups with a neighbor or arrange delivery to a place of employment.