The magic is in the bun at Deanies Wienies

Dean Ables is hoping his Deanies Wienies location on Hyacinth Street becomes a hangout spot for all ages (KEIZERTIMES/Matt Rawlings).

Dean Ables is used to having a lot on his plate.

Along with being a construction manager up in Portland and the offensive line coach for the McNary High football team, Ables also owns the hot dog cart at the Woodburn Outlet mall called Deanie’s Wienies.

But his life is about to become a whole lot busier, and Ables is loving every second of it.

After having the popularity of his hot dog cart in Woodburn increase over the last four years, Ables is now making Deanie’s Wienies into a restaurant right outside of Keizer. The shop is located will be located in suite 129 of the 45th Parallel Building at 2195 Hyacinth Street NE, which is also the home to Vagabond Brewing. 

The grand opening of the new restaurant will be on Saturday, Oct. 26 at 11 a.m. and will even feature a live D.J.

“I literally can’t wait. We’re going to have a party and we’re going to blow the doors off this part of town,” Ables said. “It’s been a dream come true.”

Ables officially started the business eight years ago when, after losing his job, he used his severance package to build a hot dog cart in his garage. 

“This company started out of a need and a dream. I’m a true entrepreneur. I love the idea of doing it myself,” Ables said. 

Ables claims that he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When asked why he decided to go into the hot dog business, his answer was pretty simple. 

“Well I’m 6’7 and 400 pounds and I love hot dogs,” Ables said. “To me, hot dogs are the original comfort food.”

Ables grew up in southern California and was raised in Tennessee, and he wants his wienies and the overall feel of his restaurant to reflect the vibe of his upbringing. But the inspiration that separates Ables’ hot dogs from the rest of the pack actually came from New England.  

While on a business trip to the east coast more than a decade ago, Ables came across a food cart that served their wienies in a bun similar to a lobster roll, which was buttered, fried and given a tasty seasoning. The flavor stuck with Ables, which is why he has re-created his own version of these unique buns, which will be made fresh every day in a brick oven. 

“It’s just got a distinct flavor to it. It’s the best hot dog you’ll ever have. I guarantee it. A hot dog is a hot dog, but we wanted to do something different, which is why we changed the bun,” Ables said. 

Along with offering hot dogs and more than 20 topping choices, Ables will also be serving draft beer and cider, with the goal of making his restaurant a popular hangout destination. 

“I want it to be a place where people will enjoy themselves and have the best hot dog they’ll ever have in their life. It will be a fun place where the employees are smiling and everyone is just happy to be there,” Ables said.