Jogging for dollars all around town

Grace Scott at Gubser.

It’s Jog-A-Thon season in Keizer. 

During the past two weeks, students at Forest Ridge and Gubser elementary schools hit the track to walk, jog and run laps to earn money that will support a variety of projects around the campuses. 

Forest Lippold, Sasha Lomas and Ethan Johnson at Forest Ridge.Evan Forrette with his grandpa at Forest Ridge.Reed Bieberich, Sefa Utaatu and Blake Atkinson at Forest Ridge.Jax Wittnebel at Forest Ridge.Aiden Walker, Kyle Shore, and Zamyia Canefax Andrew at Forest Ridge. Olivia Gonzales at Gubser (submitted).Logan Davidson at GubserDaynian Afalava at Gubser.Kylin Stahl at Gubser. Luella Campbell at Gubser.