Students flock to record McNary fight, 5 arrested

NOTE: This story is updated from a previous version.

A fight between two female students at McNary High School on Thursday, Sept. 19, led to the arrest of two male students who engaged the school resource officer (SRO) in a struggle while trying to detain them. 

About 2:20 p.m., Officer David Zavala, the SRO on campus, was notified of a fight near the gymnasium inside the school. Staff members broke up the altercation, but the effort was impeded by a throng of students who gathered to watch and record the event.  

Zavala identified two males he believed were involved in the incident. A physical struggle with the teens ensued as he tried to detain them for questioning. 

While trying to take the two males into custody a staff member requested additional police assistance and more officers responded to the scene. 

No injuries were reported. Both males were arrested and transported to the Marion County Juvenile Department, each charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer.

Later in the afternoon, McNary Principal Erik Jespersen sent out an email and auto-dialer phone call addressing the situation. 

“These events were seen and recorded by many of our students. Frankly, I expect and I know you expect, more out of our Celtics. We’ll be working closely with our students to reinforce our commitment to creating a world-class school where all students feel safe, supported and welcome. We encourage you to speak with your children about how they play a part in our school culture,” Jespersen said. 

Another student was transported to the hospital for emergency care around the same time as the fight and resulting arrests, but it was unconnected to the altercation, Jespersen said. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, Zavala made three additional arrests, two of which were the female students involved in the original altercation — both were issued criminal citations for disorderly conduct. A third female student was issued a citation for interferring. 

All three students were released to their parents or guardians.