Holocaust survivor speaks at Willamette U.

Jona Laks, a Jewish Holocaust survivor will speak at Willamette University on Monday, Aug. 12. 

Laks was subject to human experimentation by Josef Mengele at the Auschwitz concentration camp. She and her sister Miriam were moved to the camp after Mengele realized they were twins. They were both experimented on until their liberation.After World War II Ms. Laks founded the Organization of Mengele Twins. 

Rabbi Avrohom Perlstein of Salem’s Chabad Center for Jewish Life, which is sponsoring the event with local business, said “This is a rare opportunity to come face to face with history.

“Jona is one of 1,500 sets of twins that were used for human experiments,” Perlstein continued. 

Laks will speak at 7 p.m. at Smith Auditorium on the Willamette University campus. Ticket prices are $25 per person and are available at