Wins and loses of 2019

I want to briefly share an update of some of the things my office was able to accomplish in the 2019 legislative session.

HB 3213 – Establishes safety corridors around the state, which I hope will address the death road (as described by The Newberg Graphic) in North Marion County.

SB 320 – If approved by Congress, this measure will establish permanent Daylight Saving Time. 

HB 2236 – Allows farm tractors to operate on state highways that have speed limits of 35 miles per hour or more. This is important to our district because so much of it is agricultural.

HB 2336 – Relating to affordable housing. We have an affordable housing issue in Oregon and this bill will help.

HB 2428 – Strengthens our public indecency laws.

HB 2515 – Ensures humane treatment in women’s correctional facilities.

HB 2579 – Strengthens the Farm to School Program so that our farms can deliver their foods to our kids in schools.

HCR 13 – Honors Keizer’s own Private First Class Ryan J. Hill with a Highway Memorial Sign.

SB 390 – Allows olive oil farmers to sell their product at their farms, including one farm in our district.

Unfortunately, the following bills did not pass due to the one-sided majority, but I hope to pursue these concepts in the future.

HB 2303 – Would have allowed for behind-the-counter purchase of common cold medicine with a government issued photo identification, just as in 37 other states in America.

HB 2302 – Would have provided funds to the Government Assistance Program.

HB 3276 – Would have provided a tax credit for veterans to use to pay back student loans.

HB 3446 – Would have eliminated the corporate sales tax on basic necessities.

HJR 14 – Would have dealt with the dreaded emergency clause on legislation.

SB 1040 – For my Keizer constituents, this would have addressed errant bulllets flying across the Willamette River into a residentail neighborhood.

HB 2295 – Would have addressed Measure 11 concerns without going around the voter’s will.

As always, please contact my office at any time with questions or concerns.

(Bill Post represents House Dis- trict 25. He can be reached at 503- 986- 1425 or via email at rep.bill- post@ oregonlegislature.gov.)