As Americans take to the road this summer they will drive through large cities and small towns. Just about every burg they visit will have one thing in common: identifying banners lining the main street.

We have called for banners along River Road for years and now we renew that call. 

Banners attached to utility poles along Keizer’s main thoroughfare will tell visitors who we are and it will show residents that we mean business when we promote the city.

We envision a series of banners, one for each quarter (that way the shelf life will be much longer when they hang for only three months a year):

First quarter (February through April)—Springtime in Keizer

Second quarter (May through June)—Iris Capital of the World along with KeizerFEST.

Third quarter (July through September)—Summer in Keizer.

Fourth quarter (October through January)—Holidays in Keizer.

A banner project can be funded with a combination of grants, fundraisers and donations.

Let’s make this a banner year in Keizer.