After 69 years, Korean War is not over

To the Editor:

The Korean War (Not a declared war; only Congress can declare war) began 25 June 1950 and the ceasefire occurred 27 July 1953 at 10 p.m. (2200 hours).  

During the 37 months of combat more than 37,000 Americans were killed. This equates to about the population of the city of Keizer. Something to think about, isn’t it? In addition there were 103,284 wounded, 8,177 missing in action. And the final Truce Documents have not been finalized. The North Korea and South Korea militaries still look at each other across the 38th parallel. This war is now 69 years old.  

The term “Freedom is not Free” is a true statement. Yes, I was there and on the “hill” the night of 27 July 1953 and was privileged to view the ceasefire flares as they opened signifying the end of firing of all weapons on both sides.  

Bob Wickman, Keizer