LETTER: Traffic spills into neighborhood

To the Editor:

The underlined problem with increased traffic is obvious to me. You just need to look to find the culprit: River Road.

The increased traffic on River Road makes people look for other routes. I started to notice it years ago when coming back from the dog park in the early morning.

More people are using Windsor Island Road, Shoreline Drive, Rivercrest Drive and 5th Avenue in the morning and in the afternoon. Over the years as traffic grew people started driving further south on the back streets to avoid River Road. When you go this way you need to get to a street at a stop light at River Road. So now Glynbrook Street is the last light and that point you will soon be out of Keizer. Even to get out on River Road you need a stop light to make a left turn, otherwise you’re taking your life into your hands. The town is more about things look nice than working right.

I had an epiphany and realized that Keizer is the Ozarks of Oregon but with a LA attitude.

Peter DeBeck, Keizer