Council sets new goals for near and more distant future

The Keizer City council approved its list of short- and long-term goals at a meeting Monday, April 1.

Short-term goals include:

• Establishing a charter review committee to update the city’s charter and revise sections that include anti-LGBTQIA language. Voters will have to approve the changes and the current goal is to have the revision on the ballot in May 2020.

• Continued work on possible expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The city has several studies to complete before taking any action and wants to continue to engage residents in the conversation.

• Continued engagement of the community at large by assessing the current city demographics, looking at changes made and their effectiveness, and recruitment and training of volunteers for advisory committees.

• Begin the process of updating the Parks Master Plan.

• Increasing recruitment and training for the youth liaison/page program and asking existing participants for feedback.

• Assessing current staff levels and demand for services.

Long-term goals include:

• Developing a strategic plan for city staffing and service levels.

• Determining what direction the city will take to meet growth demands.

• Updating the city’s Transportation System Plan.

• Completing the Parks Master Plan.