Classic Homes’ next playhouse will benefit Satellite Gaming

Kyle Juran’s next big community project will look familiar in a couple of ways.

First, it will be another playhouse constructed by Remodeling by Classic Homes to be raffled off during the Keizer Iris Festival. Second, it’s probably going to look a lot like an iconic home familiar to moviegoers young and old.

“My wife and daughter both want me to make it look like the house from Up. It probably won’t be as big as the last one, but I think it will be a little more detailed with the balloons on top and everything,” Juran said.

This time around, Juran plans to donate the proceeds to Satellite Gaming, an organization that offers after school video gaming sessions for students. However, time spent with Satellite Gaming’s founder Jamie Harris is always more than a simple throwdown or attempt at high scores. Harris focuses on the culture around gaming and attempts to make it less hostile and more kind.

In the past year alone, Satellite Gaming has gone through a major growth spurt.

“We now have 13 after school programs running across 12 schools in the Salem-Keizer school district. We reach 200-plus students every week, offer private events at least once per month, and we have two community events planned for May,” Harris said.

During bigger events, one of Juran’s sons, Dylan, teaches parent-directed lessons about gaming culture while the kids square off in front of the television.

Last year’s Remodeling by Classic Homes’ raffle supported the Keizer Network of Women Giving Basket Program and raised more than $2,000. While Juran wants to give Satellite Gaming a similar donation, he’s hoping more for a signal boost as well.

“The way they focus on kids who don’t participate in other activities is something special. Bringing awareness to the program they have is just as important to me as whatever financial donation I can bring to them,” Juran said.