Q: How often is your paper published?
A: Keizertimes is published every Friday.

Q: Where can I get a copy of Keizertimes?
A: They are available at many locations throughout Keizer, including: grocery stores, convenience stores, newsracks at the U.S. Post Office and in front of our office. Current copies are on sale for 50 cents each. Archived copies are $1 for non-subscribers (50 cents for subscribers), available at the Keizertimes office, 142 Chemawa Rd N, Keizer.

• 7-11 (Corner of Lockhaven & River Rd.)
• Albertsons – 5450 River Rd N
• B&S Market – 6375 River Rd NE
• Rite Aid – 5452 River Rd N
• United States Post Office – 5454 River Rd N

• Keizer Mart – 4940 River Road N
• Quality Suites – 5188 Wittenberg Ln NE
• Keizertimes – 142 Chemawa Rd N
• Neighborhood Market – 711 Chemawa Rd N
• Safeway – 4990 River Rd N
• Starbucks – 5001 River Road North
• Walgreens – 5000 River Rd N

• 7-11 – 4380 River Rd N
• Cherry Market – 3740 Cherry Ave NE
• Fred Meyer – 2855 Broadway St NE (Salem)
• Keizer Beverage (Liquor Store) – 3530 River Rd N
• Pat’s Cigs – 4486 River Rd N
• Town and Country Lanes – 3500 River Rd N

Q: How do I subsribe?
A: Three easy ways to subscribe:

1.) Call us at 503-390-1051 and sign up over the phone (Visa or MasterCard).
2.) You may also come to our office: 142 Chemawa Rd. N (across from Roth’s). We accept cash, checks, Visa, and MasterCard.
3.) Subscribe online here using your Visa or MasterCard through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account).

Q: How much is a YEAR LONG subscription?
A: $25 PER YEAR for Marion County Residents, $33 for outside Marion County residents, $45 for out of state residents.


Q: When are your deadlines?
A: Tuesday at noon for: News Items, Wedding/Engagement/Anniversary Annoucements, Obituaries, Classified Ads.


Q: Is there a specific format to use when turning in a news item?
A: No. Provide the basic information, contact person and phone number. We’ll do the rest.

Q: Do you cover things outside Keizer that involve Keizer people?
A: That depends. If a specific person is involved, there may be coverage. If it is an event open to all people in a region, we may not cover it. Contact our News Department for guidance, 503-390-1051.

Q: Do you accept photos?
A: Yes. We can accept black-and-white prints, color prints, negatives & slides, or digital images e-mailed to us. Please no inkjet prints as these do not reproduce well after scanning.

Q: What if I have a complaint about a story?
A: The Keizertimes is concerned about accuracy and fairness. Contact the Publisher, Lyndon Zaitz (503-390-1051) directly with your complaint.

Q: How do I submit an Anniversary/Wedding/Engagement announcement?
A: Fill out the appropriate form on our website or download and return one of the following forms. You may do so by mailing (142 Chemawa Rd. N., Keizer, OR 97303), faxing (503-390-8023), emailing (, or dropping off at our office.

Download Engagement / Wedding Announcement form
Download Anniversary Announcement form

If you wish to have a custom announcement that doesn’t fit our basic news format. You may purchase a custom announcement ad from our advertising department. You can reach them at 503-390-1051, and ask for “Advertising.”

Q: How do I submit an Obituary?
A: Fill out the appropriate form on our website or download and return the obituary form to us. You may do so by mailing (142 Chemawa Rd. N., Keizer, OR 97303), faxing (503-390-8023), emailing (, or dropping off at our office. We will edit the obituary to follow our simplified news format. If you wish to have a custom obituary, you may purchase one from our advertising department. You can reach them at 503-390-1051, and ask for “Advertising.”


Q: What kind of advertising opportunities are available in the Keizertimes?
A: Display advertising, Classified advertising, Free standing inserts/flyers, Special sections, Holiday Guide delivered to 12,000+ Keizer homes each November, Iris Festival Guide delivered to 12,000+ Keizer homes each May.

Q: When is the deadline for advertising in Keizertimes?
A: Space reservations by 5 p.m. Monday. Copy/design by noon Tuesday.

Q: Do I have to design my ad?
A: No. The Keizertimes has a professional staff to assist any size business with the design of effective advertising.

Q: What if I don’t know what/how to advertise?
A: The professional staff at the Keizertimes will examine your business goals and help decide how marketing can help you reach those goals.

Q: Do you accept inserts?
A: Yes. Prices vary, depending on the size, and number of pages.

Q: Does the Keizertimes publish legal notices?
A: Yes. The Keizertimes is a general-circulation newspaper in Marion County and can publish virtually any notice requiring publication in Marion County.

(Effective January 2013 rates for public notices in the Keizertimes will be $8.00 per column inch. The deadline for public notices is noon on Tuesdays. All invoices from the Keizertimes will include a notarized Affidavit).

For questions call 503-390-1051.


We hear you. Feedback from readers and the community at large has shown us you want constructive dialogue, with real people using their real names. That’s precisely what we aim to provide. Which is why we’ve temporarily suspended comments on

Meanwhile, we invite you to join ongoing conversations on Facebook and Twitter. You can reach a wider audience by submitting a letter or column to the editor at

Lyndon A. Zaitz, Publisher


Q: What is the Subscriber Bonus Program?
A: If you are a current subscriber of the Keizertimes, you are invited to take advantage of discounts and special offers.

Q: What discounts and special offers are associated with the Subscriber Bonus Program?
A: Free classified ads (up to six per year)
• Liner classified ad only
• One week each
• Up to 15 words
• Can run the same ad content for six weeks in any 52-week period.

A: Free custom announcements
• Birth announcements
• Engagement and wedding announcement (including one photo)
• Custom obituaries (including up to 2 photos)
• Limit of 250 words for each announcement

A: Half-priced back issues
• Back issues two weeks old and earlier (regularly $1 per issue)

A: Discounts on display advertising
• Personal or Business ad
• Religious/service club ads accepted. No advocacy ads allowed.
• No political or advocacy advertising allowed. Final decision on advertising discounts rests with the publisher.