Category: Keizer History

Keizer’s first doctor

I’m very happy with the way my life has turned out,” says Dr. Vernon D. Casterline. And should be. His life story reads like a Horatio Alger tale, but it is true. Keizer’s first doctor was born on his...

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The McNary family

The first Hugh McNary to live m America was born in Ulster, Ireland. After coming to this country, he married Janet Logan in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1751. Then the family moved to North Carolina where their son, Hugh, served in...

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Keizer Fire District

“Back in 1947,” reminisces Rusty Teets, “if you had a fire, you had to run into Salem, with $45, hand it to the fire department and they would send out a fire truck. Of course, your house would be burned down...

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Mabel Claggett

What with Claggett Park, Claggett Creek, Claggett Street and Claggett Cemetery, the name “Claggett” is almost synonymous with Keizer. The Claggetts were among Keizer’s pioneers, arriving in Oregon in 1852....

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A short history of Keizer School

The first schoolhouse in the Keizer-Clear Lake area was a small log cabin at the intersection of the present North River and Wheatland Roads, about where the Bonny Dell apartments are located. No one knows when it was built but...

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A brief history of Keizer

Keizer’s first known white settlers began to anive in the 1840’s. By the mid-1850’s 18 families had laid claim to 7,655 acres. Members of two families, the Keizurs and Pughs, had the largest total holdings:...

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