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The Boss Bass

Intimidated by a bass? We’re talking about Bud, an Oregon logger. A guy that straps on cork boots, throws a 32-inch Stihl over his shoulder, heads up mountains–that would give Lindsey Vonn pause–and falls giant firs...

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Loss of fishery is cause for pause

When the 2013 harvest quota of white sturgeon was reached on the Columbia River June 21, the historic sports fishery was officially closed for the unforeseen future. Many knowledgeable anglers, and guides, feel it will not be...

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A fun June fishery

On the Wild Side By G.I. Wilson “A hundred and sixty thousand shad a day are going over Bonneville Dam. I want to hit the Shadrack and fill up a cooler. I’ll use them for sturgeon, halibut and crab bait,” Donald Koskela...

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An outdoor ‘Jewell’

On the Wild Side by G.I. Wilson Want to see a stately, powerful, blue-eyed, blonde? Elk that is. Visit Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area, just 100 miles from Keizer. No need to drive 300 miles to LaGrande, or 1,000 miles to Jackson...

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