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To the Editor: This is in regard to the city council imposing a free for additional money for police and parks in Keizer. After watching Police Chief  John Teague’s presentation at the special city council meeting, I am inclined...

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Why some people are unwelcome 

To the Editor: In the letter sent by “Concerned friends” to the Keizer mayor, most readers will notice a gaping hole in the “friends” argument for making Keizer a “welcoming and inclusive city.” “Inclusive” is a current buzzword...

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Time for a good buddy tale

By DEBRA SAUNDERS Americans needed a good buddy movie after a deranged gunman targeted Republicans practicing for a bipartisan ballgame to raise money for charities last week. The attack left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise,...

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Make Keizer an inclusive community

To the Editor: This is a letter that was sent to Mayor Cathy Clark,who read it before the whole council: Dear Mayor Cathy Clark, Previously, we came before the City Council with a goal to make sure Keizer is a safe, welcoming,...

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Do no harm

To the Class of 2017: The easy part is over. People will say that if you can get through high school, you’re set. Except for college. Except for a job and a career. Graduates in every generation say the same thing: “I’m glad...

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A razor and an iron

By LYNDON ZAITZ I come from a customer service background, primarily in food and beverage. Restaurant companies are serious when it comes to not only the cleanliness of their shops but also a clean, presentable staff. Companies...

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